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2022年08月05日 14:31 新浪体育综合


  New Go can design of the Ing Chang-Ki Go Educational Foundation

  设计案Design A

  尺寸图 Size Chart


  The transparent outer and B/W colored inner can are used to black and white stones and increase the sense of hierarchy。


  The lid nameplate can be replaced with different materials, colors and finishes to customize the various tones and styles of the go can and achieve the result of personalizing the go player。


  The go cans have a high gloss finish, presenting a bright and technological high quality, and the color of cans can be used to identify black and white stones。


  Interchangeable surface materials can be used to create different product personalities。


  The color of the lid is used to identify the black and white stones, the lid nameplate and can material and color can be changed。


  The surface material and color of the go can itself can be changed。
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设计案Design B

  打破传统木质棋罐的既定印象,采用金属罐身,搭配皮革套筒,并可在罐顶中心金属铭版签名,让棋士拥有奢华质感的专属棋罐套组。以罐体前方黑、白圆形造型做为黑、白棋子的辨识。专用量斗 ( 棋子计数器 ) 收纳在罐体之内。

  The metal body with leather sleeve and signature on the metal plate at the center of the top of the go can are a break from the traditional image of wooden cans, giving go players an exclusive set of cans with a luxurious texture。 The black and white stones are identified by the black and white round shape on the front of the can。 A measuring hopper ( stone counter ) is stored inside the go can。


  Pull out the leather can lid and turn it upside down, then place the go can together with the measuring cup into the leather can lid。


  Take out the measuring cup and place it on top of the go can。 Rotate the lid of the measuring cup to place the stones into the go can。


  The top of the measuring hopper can be used to hold removed stones from the opponent。


  The leather go board can be rolled and folded for storage。

  收纳设计 - 随行包内含2组棋罐 2组量斗 及1张皮制棋盘

  Storage design - 2 sets of go cans, 2 sets of measuring hoppers and one leather go board are included in the travelling bag。


  The storage bag can be used for carrying and shoulder back。

  棋罐尺寸:直径138mm x 高105mm;随行包尺寸:直径155mm x 高262mm

  Go can size: DIA 138 x height 105.Travelling bag size: DIA 155 x height 262mm。

  色彩计划 ( 由左至右 ) - 骆色皮革/橘色边油/白色缝线-白色皮革/灰色边油/深灰缝线-黑色皮革/黑色边油/浅灰缝线

  Color scheme ( L to R ) - Lock leather / orange edge oil / white stitching - white leather / grey edge oil / dark grey stitching - black leather / black edge oil / light grey stitching
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设计案Design C


  Metallic matte finish Go can with simple and clean shape to reflect the modern style and sense of technology

  1。 装饰铭板 – 透过磁吸及定位点作为卡锁

  1。 decorative nameplate - magnetic and positioning points as a lock。

  2。 上下盖 – 以旋转方式锁紧

  2。 Upper and lower lids – rotate to lock。

  3。 收纳性 - 上盖可利用磁吸固定于棋罐底

  3。 Storage - the top lid can be magnetically attached to the bottom of the can。

  4。 上盖凹槽 – 对战时, 可将提吃对方的黑或白子置放于上

  4。 Recessed top lid - when playing against each other, you can place the B or W

  removed stones of your opponent on it。

  5。 饰盖 – 用于分辨黑、白棋罐

  5。 Decorative lid - for distinguishing between B and W go cans。

  表面处理材质Surface treatment material

  棋罐配色 Go can color scheme

  尺寸图 Size Chart
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设计案Design D

  尺寸图 Size Chart


  Identify B and W with the color of the go can


  Two different designs of non-slip cover


  Customizable nameplate with different materials, colors and finishes。

  EVA 材质收纳包

  EVA material storage bags

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设计案Design E


  The central leather of the can and the hairline metal lid create an elegant and noble texture。 Identified by black and white go cans。

  尺寸图 Size Chart


  Wear-resistant reinforced fiber made cover, highlighting the handsome young。 Protector, can cover material and color can be changed。

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设计案Design F


  Black and white stones are identified by the color of the leather

  sheath or the anodized color treatment of the aluminum can。

  尺寸图 Size Chart

  1。 铝金属阳极处理

  1。 Aluminum metal anode treatment。


  2。 Replaceable (personalized) nameplate。


  3。 Metal cutting and high glossy frame leather sheath


  4。 Leather sheath。

  5。烫金 logo

  5。 Gold foil logo


  6。 Rotating way to open or lock the lid

  客制化铭版 Customized inscription


  The groove on the upper cover can be used to place removed stones

  布面收纳包 Cloth storage bag

  可收纳棋罐x2 + 可计量90颗棋子量斗x2

  Storable can x2 + 90 stones measuring hopper x2


  Changeable fabric texture and color available
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  Survey on the design preference of the new Go Can

  of the Ing Chang-ki Go Educational Foundation

  基本数据 General Information

  姓名 Name :

  性别 Gender: □男 male □女female

  年龄 Age: □18以下 Under □18~35 □35~50 □ 50以上above

  电子邮件 Email :

  请勾选三个提案 Please check 3 proposals


  Design 非常不喜欢

  Very dislike 不喜欢

  dislike 尚可

  Acceptable 喜欢

  like 非常喜欢

  Like it very much







  其他建议 Other suggestions : ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  回答请将文件寄送 Please send your answer to Ingedufund@proton.me

  回答截止日期 Answer Deadline : 2022.9.30

  每人限答一次 Each person is limited to one answer mail

  给奖方式 Award method :

  一等奖1名 应氏棋桌1张

  1st Prize 1 person Ing go table 1 piece

  二等奖3名 应氏新型设计棋罐1组

  2nd Prize 3 winners Ing‘s new design go can 1 set

  三等奖30名 应氏语音計时器1只

  3rd Prize 30 winners Ing ‘s voice timer 1 set